Summary of common errors in angularjs

In the first learning AngularJS there will always be a variety of mistakes, today to do a small summary
The first:
Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier

There is a missing English comma in the code. It is normal to add a comma, as in:

Article 2:
Error: [ng:areq]
This error is usually caused by not finding the controller. It is normal to write a correct controller.

Use the app-directive name when writing the attributes of the directive template. The reason for this is to prevent the name of the directive from collided with the newly added attributes in future HTML language updates.

When replace:true is used in the directive, the HTML template to be replaced must have only one root element. Otherwise, this error is reported.
Error: [$compile:tplrt]

TypeError: Cannot set property ‘list’ of undefined
Error: [$injector:itkn]
$scope = $scope = $scope = $scope

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