Installing gensim in Anaconda

Environment: Win10
1. Uninstall Python (skip this step if Python is not installed), and Anaconda contains Python.
Method 1: If you have an installation package, re-open the Python installation package (the version must be the same as the python version on your computer), select Uninstall and wait for the Uninstall to complete.

Method two: right click start, select program and function, select the software to be uninstalled, right click uninstall.

2. Install Anaconda
The official download address:
Download the installer that matches your machine environment and double-click to run it. Select the installation directory:

The first item is setting the environment variable. It is not recommended to set the environment variable. This item is not a necessary operation. Check the second option:

Select Install and click Finish to complete the installation. Open the Anaconda Prompt, enter the command Conda List, and the following screen will appear to indicate the successful installation.

3. Install Gensim
Go to the directory Anaconda3 and enter the command PIP Install Gensim to complete the installation.

Verify the installation is successful:


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