Solutions to flex4 error ා 2032 stream error

Recently, I was working on a project, and found no problems in the initial release of the program, but some users reported that they could not see the site, and screenshot Error#2032 error. But it worked in the r&d center, and was later tested and luckily found on a test machine. While the other 9 machines were tested at the same time, and found that they could display normally. Then I searched the Internet. No results. Set Cache, compile Settings, try a bunch of them. No response. Weird question! I was even thinking about going back to Flex3, because I stumbled upon a Flex3 project that made sense here. But then I came across a foreigner’s website:
Salesforce Flex: “Error #2032: Stream Error. URL: “
Give it a try, re-select the frame join and merge into the code.
Oh, my God, it worked.
This setting can be found in the Flex build path library path for project properties.
Originally, the first default in Flash Builder4 was to use the SDK default. This is exactly the difference from Flex3.
But it’s not clear what the difference is between the first option, the SDK default. But from the results of the release. It’s a lot smaller when you merge it into code.

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