Error analysis of veeam backup: failed to create NFC download stream

Veeam backup virtual machine error: Failed to create NFC download stream.

log is:

2017/8/13 22:06:15 :: Processing 10.1_ad02 Error: DiskLib Error: [11].

Failed to create NFC download stream. The NFC path: [NFC:// conn: nfchost: ha – host, STG: 5942 [email protected]_ad02/10.112 _AD02. VMX].

root cause analysis:

1, port problems, Telnet host 902 port can be excluded;

2. Access problem, re-verify the root account when adding the host;

3. Physical host setup problem, check DNS;

final problem:

added by physical host, named Chinese caused, changed because English character backup copy is normal

reproduced in:

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