Notes on flex RSL application

FLEX publishing size is known to every FLEX developer as

because when FLEX is published it comes with a frame file that contains all the FLEX built-in classes…
the file size is about 500 K, so it’s an empty FLEX project. There are over 500 K

so FLEX provides the RSL(runtime Shared library).
lets the user download the same version of the frame file only once and store it in the cache directory specified by FlashPlayer.
the next time you browse the FLEX project that applies the RSL, you do not need to download again.. Thus speeding up the loading speed.

… Theories don’t express much… Something like this… Let’s actually do it…

to apply RSL, we perform the following steps :
1. Right-click in the project folder, and select “properties”-“Flex BuildPath”-“Library Path”
2. On the TAB, we see “FrameWork Linkage “. By default, “Merged into Cdoe “is selected. 3. Click “runtime Shared library(RSL)”, click “OK”

so that our project is already using the RSL~ to separate the frame files…
let’s open the bin(bin-debug) folder of our project.
will see that we have generated framework_3.0.0.477. SWF and framework_3.0.0.477. SWZ two files (0,0,447 is the version number). Has become around 50k (only two or three components)

when we publish the project..
just need to framework_3.0.0.477. SWF and framework_3.0.0.477. SWZ
and project SWF in the same directory to the server…

ps: here to talk about two noteworthy problems..

the first one is RSL error after the release of the project.. There are two main reasons :
1. Using FLASH PLAYER less than version 9.0.115,
2. Framework_3.0.0.477. SWF and framework_3.0.0.477. SWZ did not upload to the server.. So that the library cannot be downloaded…

say the second question before.. First introduce the framework_3.0.0.477. SWF and framework_3.0.0.477. SWZ,
where framework_3.0.0.477. When the load is successful.. It will be placed in the Flash Player cache directory.
while framework_3.0.0.477. SWZ download failed.. Flashplayer will automatically download framework_3.0.0.477.swf. The file can only be downloaded to ie cache..

very much from friends reflection.. While browsing locally.. Framework_3.0.0.477. SWZ can be loaded into the player’s cache directory.
but when placed on the server.. That will load unsuccessful.. Can only run by loading SWF..

occurs in this case.. Because server IIS does not support SWZ suffix file download..
(this has happened before before FLV was not prevalent),
if it is your own server. All we need to do is configure IIS. Add a MIME type…

detail operation will not say.. The MIME type is as follows..

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