“Error! Reference source not found.” “error! The source of the problem was not found

When writing an article that references a Table Table. X or a Figure. X, you need to use “insert caption” and “cross reference”. The steps are: first to the table or graph title label, insert caption; Then, where the diagram or table is referenced, insert the caption tag that you just created.
However, during submission, different magazines have different caption formats. For example, the caption of some magazines is “Figure X”, while others are “Fig. X”.
So, how do you modify it for different magazines?The method I used is to replace “Figure” with “Fig.” in Office by global substitution.
However, there are new problems: after each document (such as manuscript, coverletter, figure, etc.) is uploaded, the site will provide an integrated PDF, and when viewing the PDF, you will find errors such as “Error” at the reference graph/table. Reference Source not found.”
How to solve this problem?The content of the reference the url: https://www.extendoffice.com/documents/word/837-remove-error-reference-source-not-found-in-word.html, specific methods are as follows:
Step 1: CTRL + A, then F9
Step 2: At the cross-reference, delete any text that you don’t need. Reference source not found “”.
This can be used if you do not delete a lot of content, but it can be a lot of work if you delete a lot of content. The web site above also mentions another method that you can learn about in more detail if you need to.

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