The corresponding solutions to the problems of various external symbols that cannot be resolved

When using a VS2008 debugger, it is common to have problems with external symbols that cannot be resolved. There are many possible reasons. Here are some of the things I have learned over the past year.
For reference only.
Consider possible reasons:
[0] can’t parse may be because the.lib file is not correct, such as a 64 – bit compiler configuration, the results using the 32-bit lib package.
[1] is only to write a class declaration, but I haven’t write the implementation class, causing a call cannot resolve
[2] declaration and definition is not regulated, cause inconsistent links, cannot resolve
[3] is not in the project properties page of the linker command line options to join the corresponding class package.
[4] in the c + + contains, to join the corresponding class package repository directory path
[5] file directory to be tested in test engineering of measured classes may need to include the CPP definition file
[6] ICE interface test, cannot resolve may be because the file is not being measured include relevant CPP file, in addition, in TestSuite_ProjectRun. H file needs to contain IProjectRun. H header file, and the relevant header files (for example).
[7]import related contents cannot be resolved, the solution is to add the corresponding dynamic library in the linker dependencies
[8] The following error is usually caused by the fact that the dynamic library does not have a package. __imp
ProjectRun. Obj: error LNK2019: cannot resolve __imp__StartHistoryLocalModule external symbols, the symbol in the function “protected: virtual int __thiscall HiRTDB: : CProjectRun: : DoStart (void)” ([email protected] @hirtdb @@maehxz)
[9] ERROR LNK2001: __imp___CrtDbgReportW
project properties, C/C++, code generation, runtime library select MDD,
[9] cannot resolve the external symbol “__declspec (dllimport) public: int __thiscall HiRTDB: : CTagTree: : GetObjectA (int, struct HiRTDB: : SBaseReadProps const & amp; ,struct HiRTDB::SBaseReadValues &) ” (__imp_?Public: int __thiscall hirtDB :: cStringImpl ::Get(int,struct hirtDB :: sStringReadprops const & ,struct HiRTDB::SStringReadValues &) “(?Get @cStringImpl @hirtdb @@qaehhabusStringReadProps @2 @aausStringReadValues @[email protected]@Z
The reason may be that there are extra options in the project configuration file, please refer to the configuration options of other modules, do not have extra configuration.

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