Solution of VS2008 unable to open GL / glaux. H header file

2011-04-15 wcdj
I don’t know why there is no OpenGL header file in SDK after VS2008. Here is a summary for this problem.
In Lesson 6 of learning Nehe’s texture mapping, I initially needed to use the header file containing gl/glaux. H, but found that I didn’t have this header file on my system. There are two header paths in the compiler that reference OpenGL:
C:/Program Files/Microsoft SDKs/Windows/v6.0 A/include/gl/gl h (the default)
C:/Program Files/Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0/VC/include/gl/glut. H (the new gl manually folder)

Googled the solution.

thod 1: Find the most used solution, but I do not have VS2003 or VS2005 installed on my system, so I cannot copy it.
I have been porting old openGL program to VS2008. I have solved the problem by copying the “include/gl/glaux.h” and “lib/glaux.lib” from the VS2005 Platform SDK located on “C:/Program Files/Microsoft Visual Studio 8/VC/PlatformSDK” To the PlatformSDK of VS2008 located on “C:/Program Files/Microsoft SDKS /Windows/ V6.0a “

Based on the reply to SiteID=1, it looks like glaux. Lib is deprecated. Instead link to kernel32.lib, user32.lib, gdi32.lib and advapi32.lib

The easiest way to sort this out is to:
) Install Glut3.6 or newer as directed.
2>pen Visual Studio 2008 and create a new project
3) Cho>C ++ -Empty solution
4) Import Al> the files from your previous OpenGL project
5) delete all headers i.e.
#include < gl/glu.h>
#include < gl/gluax.h>
and any other GL headers
6) then replace with #include < gl/glut.h>
7) recompile.

this worked for all of my 2003 & 2005 Solutions.

thod 4: Download Missing Files.
1: download the source CSDN download
OpenGL installation package download required documents: include:
GL. H GLAUX. H GLU. H glut.

VS2008 without GL. H, H, glu.h, GLAUX. Lib, glu32.lib, opengl32.lib.

1) Copy GLUX. DLL, GLUT32.DLL, GLU32.DLL and GLU32.DLL to C:/WINDOWS/system32, which should already have OpenGL32.DLL and GLU32.DLL.
. (2) the GL H, GLAUX. J H, glu. H, glut. H a copy to the C:/Program Files/Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0/VC/include/GL
. (3) the GLAUX LIB and Glu32. LIB, glut32. LIB, Opengl32. LIB, C:/Program Files/Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0/VC/lib

nehe SRC – cn – nehe OpenGL tutorials Chinese version and the code download nehe OpenGL tutorial Chinese version and the code download provides each Lesson # sample code and the file you need.

4 according to the method, after downloading the file and configure, recompile, without the previous mistakes, documents found, but the following mistakes.
error C2664: “auxdibimageLoadw” : Cannot convert parameter 1 from “char *” to “LPCWSTR”
is is because I am building a Unicode character set based project, so I want to use wide characters. It is also possible not to use Unicode character sets in the property page ->; Configure properties ->; You can modify it in general. Select not to use the Unicode character set here; that is, select Unset. And then recompile it. OK!


missing glaux. H in v6.0 a SDK? project under VS2003 under VS2008 compilation, however, Can’t find the gl/glaux. H VS 2008 OpenGL configuration Load images generated texture opengl program

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