How to solve the problem of “unable to open include file:” graphics. H “: no such file or directory”

When peer Chinese chess program, import project, found that VS has been prompt
“unable to open include file:” graphics. H “: No to the file or directory”

found in data access is the lack of easyx file.

EasyX header and library files to VS2012 process.
EasyX is a relatively lightweight and simple graphics library, easy to install EasyX, EasyX website also has a detailed description.
First go to the official website to download the easyx file, I downloaded the 2012 version.

After the download is successful, open the folder and you can see the files.

Then open the installation directory for VS2012:

Select the VC folder and then the Include folder as follows:

    copy graphics.h file from easyx include folder to VC include; Copy Graphicsw. lib and Graphicsw. lib from the lib/amd64 folder in easyx to the lib/amd64 folder in VC.


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