A fatal error C1083 occurred when compiling C + + code under. Net: unable to open the include file: “xuhk”_ Jnihelloworld. H “: solution to no such file or directory error.

Fatal error C1083: Could not open include file: “xuhk_jnihelloWorld.h” : No such file or directory. Error.
I head file copying, select the project directly paste in, although in the solution explorer shows the header files, but compile the above mistakes, I can’t find all documents, I opened the project directory and found there is no I just copy the header file, I can only be speechless why Microsoft, is not a BUG, is a hole. In the end I had to open the project directory and copy the file over.
So the correct order to refer to the header files is to copy the header files into your project directory, then open VS.NET and right-click your project. Add – & gt; For existing items, select the header file that you copy to the project.

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