Solution of sidebyside error 59 / 32

looking at the event viewer, I found several of the same system errors every morning starting from February 1 (see figure) :

event ID: 32
cannot be found affiliated assembly Microsoft. Vc80.mfcloc, the last error was that the reference assembly was not installed on the system.
event ID: 59
Resolve Partial Assembly is Microsoft. Vc80. MFCLOC failed. Reference error message: The reference assembly is not installed on the system.
event ID: 59
Generate Activation Context C: windowswinsxsx86_microsoft.vc80. mfc_1fc8b3b9a1e18e3b_8.50727.42 _x-ww_dec6ddd2mfc80u. Refer to error message: Operation completed successfully.
above is the description, on the Internet to look up relevant information, explain the poor, after the discovery of a good site, eventno=4228& source=SideBySide& phase=1

download vcredist_x86 installation, download address: FamilyID=32BC1BEE-A3F9-4C13-9C99-220B62A191EE
, after restart, the system log is normal, no error found.

this error does not seem to affect the use of the operating system and software, found before the error, the computer performance is very good, all kinds of programs normal. When I checked the system log, I felt uncomfortable seeing the Red Cross, which immediately aroused my curiosity.

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