[solution] Google Chrome browser hijacked by hao123 chrome://version Command line tampered

Problem description

Install a new system, install Google Chrome browser, open it and automatically jump to the hijacked website. I was hijacked by hao123, and my liking for hao123 declined instantly. The browser input in the browser chrome://version you can see "command line......" The last part was tampered with

Problem solving

I tried a lot of Baidu out of the way, in addition to the same, the key is not more convenient, not perfect to solve my problem

Finally, the successful solution is as follows

Step 1: desktop browser – & gt; Right click – & gt; Attributes – & gt; Target

Looking at the end of the target, some people may display the tampered web address
their tampered advanced, as shown in the figure, which does not show tampering at all

Step 2: enter in Chrome browser chrome://version --> Copy command line content – & gt; Paste to target location in browser properties -- & gt; Delete/modify the contents outlined in the diagram as needed

Step 3: restart the browser

If you delete it, jump to the default home page after restart and view it again chrome://version The display content is normal

Step 4: if Chrome is fixed in the taskbar, you need to cancel and fix it again

Step 5: if there is still a problem, please refer to the picture to open the attribute. Then repeat the previous operation again

Perfect solution to the problem, I hope you can comment or like it. Convenient for later screening.

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