Transfer: completely solve the problem that the browser home page is tampered by deleting the script file

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This blog is very detailed, so I want to collect it and organize it in my blog to facilitate future reference. The writing is too detailed. I finally solved this annoying problem (I tried to change the shortcut and delete the registry before, but it can’t be solved. The people who do this thing are really disgusting). The home page of the browser has been tampered with, so that every time I start Google browser, the desktop icon will refresh, and Google will white screen, which is absolutely intolerable for my obsessive-compulsive patients. Finally, I found the above blog, successfully solved my problem, it’s just a comfortable batch of people!!!

This paper summarizes the content of the article

1. Tools needed Download and install shwrzubtrcuq

2. Tool usage: enter the installation directory folder and find the file: wbemeventviewer.exe Right click to run in administrator mode

3. Click the pen Icon in the upper left corner to connect to rootcimv2, ignore the account and password, and confirm directly

4. On the left_ You can see below EventFilter_ EventFilter.Name= “VBScriptLKLive_ On the right is the details of the filter.

5. Right click on the right side and select View instance properties to see the specific content of the VBScript.

6. Close the property window, right-click on the right side of the event filter, select unregister, and then right-click on the left side to delete the event filter vbscriptlklive_ Filter”

7. Exit after confirmation.




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