Countermeasures for Error 1935 when installing MATLAB under Windows 10

The countermeasures of Error 1935 occurred when installing MATLAB in Windows 10 system
This error occurs because the installation process defaults to C++ 2005 instead of 2008, so bypass C++ 2005 to install. The specific steps are as follows:

1. Download the installer from the official website to MATLAB, the default download installation. My default installation directory is in the Download folder.

2. Found the installation file downloaded by the installer.
3. Enter the file and find the VC90 folder contained in the bin file (my default directory is “bin\win64\ VC90”)
4. Enter the vc90 folder, you should see two files, copy them to the previous folder (that is, “bin\win64”). The system will prompt you whether or not to replace, and select replace.

. Click setup.exe to execute the file again.
6. If the computer does not respond, choose to restart the computer. At this point, you should find that the system has an update during the restart.
7. After the restart, enter the folder “bin\win64” again, and find setup.exe.

8. Click setup.exe and you can follow instructions for a normal installation.
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