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VMware virtual machine installation of vmware tools, VMware shared folder location

VMware Virtual Machine installs VMware Tools, VMware shared folder location
The default shared path for VMware ToolsvMware is at/MNT/HGFS

VMware Virtual Machine installs VMware Tools

yum -y Update
m -y Install Net-Tools perl GCC GCC C ++ kernel-headers kernel-devel
When the update is complete, restart the server
virtual machine (M)-> on the virtual machine screen; Install the VMware Tools
mkdir -p /home
mkdir /mnt/cdrom
mount /dev/cdrom /mnt/cdrom
Cp/MNT/cdrom/VMwareTools – 10.3.2-9925305. The tar. Gz/home
CD /home
tar ZXVF vmwaretools-10.3.2-9925305.tar.gz
CD vmware-tools-distrib
Just keep hitting enter,
Restart CentOS when done
Once installed, the HGFS directory is automatically created under/MNT
The default shared path for VMware is at/MNT/HGFS
If the shared/MNT/HGFS file is still not found, reinstall the VMware Tools

Solutions to the problem of unable to locate package

When installing Ubuntu12.04, the VMware Player will be installed.
Unable to locate package error: Unable to locate package error: Unable to locate package

sudo apt-get update

The reason should be that the software source has not been updated, so it can not find the package. I suspect this problem is also likely to occur after the software source is changed.

Error 1406: could not write value installpath to key

Before, a VMware was installed on the computer. Later, the system was reinstalled and VMware could not be used. Fortunately, the file of LINUX was imported
It works. Today, install VMware into the same directory of the old files, and report when it is almost finished:
Error 1406: could not write value installpath to key/soft ware/vmware, inc/vmwareconverter hosted verify that you have sufficient access to that key or contalt your support personnel “this Error.
I received it online, and the netizen said it was reasonable that the old VMware registry value was not deleted last time. I did not delete it at all, but directly overwrote it.
The reason may be that the old VMware registry key was not deleted clean before installation, so the current installation cannot write the registry file of registry Software/VMware. The solution is simple: find HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE–> Software-> VMware, Inc., delete the whole thing, close the registry, and re-run the VMware installation file. Then the problem can be solved.
If the same problem cannot be installed after the above operation, the stupid (and most effective) method is to find the registry, delete all the key values related to VMware, repeat Ctrl+F to find “VMware” and then delete. In order to avoid misoperation, it is recommended to backup the registry in advance.
PS. After deleting this key, retry can be installed normally.

Fatal IO error 11

Installation of cenos-6.6 using VMware Workstation8.0 prompts the following error:
fatal io error 11 on x server:1
Method one:
In VMware Workstation8.0, set as follows:
1. Create the virtual machine as shown in the figure below

2. Modify the virtual machine hardware compatibility 6.5-7.x,

3. At least 1G of virtual machine memory

4. The resolution of the virtual machine is at least 800*600, and I set it to 1024*768

After the above four steps, fatal IO Error 11 on X Server :1 of Cenos-6.6 installed on the virtual machine can be resolved

Method 2:
Set the memory on the virtual machine to be less than 1024M, and I generally set the memory to be 512M, so as to skip the installation of X Server related services and solve the fault.

VMware reported an error: “internal error” internal error

Online method:
1, services.msc check the service, check that all the services have been opened, this method is invalid; 2. Administrator rights to run vmware, same error, invalid;
3. Delete the most recent *.vmem file under the error declaring virtual machine (record the state of each snapshot and the state of each snapshot). Restart the virtual machine and you will be reminded to choose below the snapshot (I cannot find it). Click OK and the virtual system will restart normally. – The method succeeded.

win7 VMware Error:1325 Documents Is not a valid short name solution

Recently, when installing VMware8.0 in Win7, I encountered Error:1325 Documents is not an valid short name. I still cannot install it. There are many answers on the Internet, but I failed to solve them one by one. Finally, combined with the solutions on the Internet, I summed up an effective method, at least on my machine is a success.
Found in the registry HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Explorer/Shell Folders directory, double-click the Favorites options. The diagram below:

Check whether the computer has D partition (D disk). If it does not (where the problem is), set it as follows:

Change the partition identifier specified by the Favorites string. Mine is D:\Favorites.
Note: at the beginning, there were no D disks on my machine, there were C, E, F and G disks, but I changed G disks to D disks.

VMware Workstation unrecoverable error: (vcpu-0) c.382

Today, I copied the virtual machine from the old machine to the new machine. I made an error starting the virtual machine:
VMware Workstation is not recoverable error: (vcpu-0)
vcpu-0:VERIFY vmcore/vmm/main/cpuid.c.382
See online that there is a way to add the following content to the.vmx file of the virtual machine:
smc.version = 0
Then save and restart.
But I just couldn’t live without it, and then I found another way online, turning on CPU virtualization in my computer’s BIOS Settings.
Find the Intel Virtual Technology in the BIOS, set it to ENABLE, save the restart, and the virtual machine will open normally.

linux VMware Unable to change virtual machine power state: Internal error

Linux installation of VMWare under a problem, recently due to project needs, we have to Fedora8 system to install a virtual machine, the above run a Windows Server 2003, after a hard time to find a Linux version of VMWare, after installation, every time you start the virtual machine will report.

Unable to change the power state of the virtual machine: internal error.
This is an error.
At first I thought there was a problem with the vmware settings, but I finally found the answer on the Internet:
I encountered this problem when running a Vmware workstation under Ubuntu Jaunty. I get an error when shutting down the machine via an NX session.
It’s the result of a zombie ‘vmware-vmx’ process running. All you need to do is kill the process. This command sends ‘signal 9’ to the process. When sent to the process, SIGKILL causes the process to terminate immediately. Contrary to SIGTERM and SIGINT, this signal cannot be captured or ignored. More info:More sigkill info.
After that, I was able to start the virtual machine without any problems.

Error installing windows8 in virtual machine-HAL_INITIALIZATION_FAILED and

Cause of the problem: this problem mainly occurs when installing windows8 in the virtual machine, mainly because windows8 has just been developed and there are still many bugs, especially when using third-party software to install the system.
1, restart the computer, most of the time can solve the problem;
2. Update the latest version of virtual machine VMWare software;
3. Make sure you are using the latest version of VMWare after the update is complete. Download the link
https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads, or you can use the QQ software management upgrade
4. After installation, it is best to restart the computer and enter VMWare. You can see the latest interface of VM:

2. Windows cannot read from unattended reply file during installation & LT; ProductKey> Set up the
Reason: VMware automatically turns on the floppy disk and automatically loads the ‘autoinst.FLp’ file.   
Solution: Close the Floppy Disk in Settings, and try again successfully!   
Attached is the download address of windows8:
English version:
Download 64-bit systems here
Click here to download 32-bit systems
The Product Key: DNJXJ – 7 xbw8-2378 – t – X22TX – BKG7J
Simplified Chinese version:
Download 64-bit systems here
Click here to download 32-bit systems
The Product Key: DNJXJ – 7 xbw8-2378 – t – X22TX – BKG7J