Points for attention in setting up robot framework + Python 3.7.0 environment

download python3.7.0 32 bit if the operating system is 32 bit and 64 bit if 64.

in addition RF does not support python3.8.5, the EDIT interface will not be expanded. Python3.7.5, ride file error not supported.


python installation check the “add to PATH” option to automatically add environment variables, and remember python. Exe installation PATH


pycharm after the installation completes, click file> settings> Project Interpreter interface Upper-right gear & GT; Add, click system interpreter to add python. Exe path, save exit


and then click the [+] button in the upper right corner of the project interpreter to update PIP and setuotools

after entering the add library interface


version number must be correct, otherwise it may not be supported

install wxPython (4.0.3), a Python cross-platform toolkit, ride is developed based on it, and you need to install

install the robotframework (3.2.2) automated test framework

install robotframe-ride (, RF framework test editor, visual interface tool

install the robotframe-selenium 2library (3.0.0), and the keyword library

install robotframe-requests (0.7.1), RESTful interface request library


download the chromedriver corresponding to the Google browser version, put it in the python path installed and C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application


run the desktop ride.py file, or find

under the Scripts file under the python installation path

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