Several solutions to HDF5 error reporting in Python environment

Several solutions to the problem of HDF5 error reporting in Python environment (personal test)
the content of error reporting is as follows:
warning! HDF5 library version mismatched error
the HDF5 header files used to compile this application do not match
the version used by the HDF5 library to which this application is linked.
data corruption or segmentation faults may occur if the application continues.
This can happen when an application was compiled by one version of HDF5 but
linked with a different version of static or shared HDF5 library.
You should recompile the application or check your shared library related
settings such as ‘LD_ LIBRARY_ PATH’.
You can, at your own risk, disable this warning by setting the environment
variable ‘HDF5_ DISABLE_ VERSION_ CHECK’ to a value of ‘1’.
Setting it to 2 or higher will suppress the warning messages totally.
Headers are 1.10.4, library is 1.10.5

There are two ways to solve this problem.
first of all, this problem may be the mismatch of HDF5 library, or it may be something similar to warning. I will talk about it in detail below.
The first solution: uninstall HDF5 and then install it again.
The code executed by the terminal is as follows:
CONDA install HDF5
there are many friends on the Internet who use this method to be useful. I personally test that this method is useless to me.
The second solution: check the set path: LD_ LIBRARY_ Path
I personally test: because the system I use is win10, but LD_ LIBRARY_ I couldn’t find the path for a long time. Later, I searched for the path of Linux, so I didn’t use this method.
The third solution: the HDF5_ DISABLE_ VERSION_ Check is set to a higher level, ignoring warnings.
Before import tensorflow, add the following code to the code:
Import OS;
Import OS;
Import OS os.environ [‘HDF5_ DISABLE_ VERSION_ Check ‘] =’2’
my personal test: this method is really useful!

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