Fix vs2017 unable to install

Fixed VS2017 not being able to install
(Jin Qing’s column, November, 2018)
Downloaded from the website vs_community__1600125377. 1541561546. Exe, but when running the installation can’t appear the interface for product selection.
Looking at the logs in the Temp directory, no errors were found.
A search reveals a large number of similar errors:
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But it didn’t work.
C: Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\Installer: Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\Installer
but download again after cleaning, is still the same.
Vs_installer. exe. The pop-up screen says there is a compatibility error and you can choose to fix it.
fixed, vs_installer.exe will appear in the product selection screen.
Then run vs_community__1600125377. 1541561546. Exe, can appear the interface for product selection.
The problem may be that the Installer is not installed correctly, you may have selected the wrong version, and it will still be the same if you delete it and download it again. Fortunately, you can fix it manually.
VS2017 is now being installed.

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