Oracle 11gR2 RAC ohasd failed to start solution

CRS-4124: Oracle High Availability Services startup failed.
CRS-4000: Command Start failed, or completed with errors.
ohasd failed to start: Inappropriate ioctl for device
Ohasd failed to start the at/u01/app/11.2.0/grid/CRS/install/rootcrs. Pl line 443. When I installed 11gR2 RAC for the first time, I encountered this classic problem of After checking on the Internet, I realized that it was a bug and the solution was very simple.
Just before, execute the following command
/bin/dd if=/var/tmp/.oracle/npohasd of=/dev/null bs=1024 count=1
If there is a
/bin/dd: opening`/var/tmp/.oracle/npohasd’: No such file or directory
While the file is still running, it is not Adding a daemon to Inittab until it is ready to run. The DD command is usually executed while Adding a daemon to Inittab.
Another solution is to change file permissions
chown root:oinstall /var/tmp/.oracle/npohasd
To perform root. Don’t forget to delete the configuration before sh:/u01/app/11.2.0/grid/CRS/install/roothas. Pl – deconfig – force – verbose

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