Oracle Net Configuration Assistant failed abnormal solution

System use oracle12c centos7 oracle data version of
about the installation of oracle database reference:

process is detailed
about in the process of installation disk space is insufficient, swap the size is not enough, really depend on the package please make your own problems such as baidu.
I installed the database step by step according to this tutorial and solved all kinds of problems encountered in the process one by one. Finally, I got stuck in the
Oracle Net Configuration Assistant failed
which could not be solved by all kinds of baidu methods.
In fact, this error can be caused by many reasons, so it is difficult to find the correct solution.
My final solution was to set the NLS_LANG environment variable
This variable represents the encoding of the database
Set the location to ~/.bash_profile
The value should be the third last step in the database installation process, the page with the install button
Sliding down will show the database code
After the source ~/.bash_profile takes effect, click install.
(My database is already installed, so I don’t want to install it again, so I don’t have any screenshots. It’s so hard to speak.)
Reference for database unloading:
The main thing is to delete the files

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