The perfect solution of VS2010 console program running in a flash

When the console application in VS2010 is running, the result screen will flash, whether you use F5 or Ctrl + F5, so you can’t see the result. There are a lot of ways on the Internet, which is to add a pause statement to the program at the end or to get user input from the console statement. There’s a better solution:
Right click on your project entry, select the last item “Property/Properties” on the pop-up menu, and in the left column, find “Configuration Properties”
-> Connector – & gt; System, after clicking on the System item, subSystem in the right column configuring the value of the subSystem to “Console “.
After doing this, press Ctrl+F5 again and the program will stop at the console screen and prompt you to “Press any key to continue.” That’s the perfect solution.  

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