Occupation system integration examination

When I was doing software development, I basically encountered problems related to technology and system. I didn’t pay much attention to professional certification. I signed up for the system Integration certification exam, mainly because the company organized everyone to take the exam in 2013, but I was busy with the development work (Meiyou preparation) at that time, so I failed. After six years, the time was running out a little, so I decided to try again.
Fortunately, I passed the exam successfully, O(∩_∩)O haha ~

I would also like to express my heartfelt thanks to the teachers who organized this exam for their hard work!
About the test
Last August, the name of the report, but the real test preparation time is only a week or two, on the Internet to buy “exam tutorial”, “guidance” and “32 hours clearance” and so on. In addition to book knowledge, effective learning methods are also very important. Experience in software project management and bidding will be helpful in preparing for the exam.
About System Integration
Although this is an exam that includes information technology, system integration and software management, from a personal perspective, I am more concerned with system integration. Here “integration”, simply refers to the establishment of the application system, including the network, application software, hardware and subsystem design, development and integration. But in a broad sense, it is the way of information system construction, realization, expansion and renewal. With the change of application requirements, domestic and foreign equipment manufacturers constantly launch new underlying products, IT enterprises and industry organizations will also have new technical solutions, resulting in system integration is a constantly changing industry topic.
On the other hand, with the transformation of various industries and the acceleration of domestic autonomy of IT technology, the gap between software and hardware design is expected to generalize and merge in some aspects, making the integrated design of software and hardware based on application scenarios possible, which should also be considered as the application scenario of system integration (## personal view). Anyway, there are both opportunities and challenges. Of course, this is also a blessing for the industry, and worth everyone’s efforts to achieve.
Write in the last
Although the road of software design is still not smooth, there is still a long way to go for Chinese software industry to improve itself. But, as long as the persistence pay, will certainly have the harvest!
Ps: If you feel confused in preparing for the soft test, welcome to exchange.

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