Neither –kubeconfig nor –master was specified. Using the inClusterConfig. This might not work

When downloading yaml of ingress nginx

wget -O nginx-ingress-controller.yaml

When deploying ingress nginx, check the pod log and report the following error


Add the following hostnetwork: true in yaml, re deploy, or modify the deployment file of pod to deploy the update

Kubernetes hostnetwork: true network
this is a way to define pod network directly
if you use hostnetwork: true to configure the network in pod, the application running in pod can directly see the network interface of the host computer, and all network interfaces on the LAN where the host computer is located can access the application.

After successful deployment, you can log in to the node where the pod is located to view it

netstat -anp |grep LISTEN |grep 80

hostNetwork: true

View log information after deployment

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