Mac bigsur cannot create other directory solutions in the root directory (M1 chip is also applicable)

The solution is to create a soft link to the real directory

For example:
here, take creating/data in the root directory as an example, and other directory names are the same

First, create a data directory anywhere you want, such as/users/baixxhao/downloads/work/data. Don’t imitate me directly. Remember to change the user name.
2. Open the terminal (Command + space, then enter the terminal, enter)
2. Input sudo VIM/etc/synthetic.conf from the command line, Enter, enter a similar text editing page, do not close the window!!! Press the letter I, pay attention to the use of English characters throughout the operation, do not use pinyin input method (including all the following, are in English)
3, enter the following line (note that the middle is tab, not spaces)!!! Pay attention to the following parameters, use your own real directory

data	/Users/baixxhao/Downloads/work/data

4. Press ESC, press the English colon (Shift + colon), enter WQ, press return, that is, save and exit
5. Then restart, and you will find that/data has
6. If it is successful, like it?

look here
1. MKDIR/users/baixxhao/downloads/work/data
2. Sudo VIM/etc/synthetic. Conf

data	/Users/baixxhao/Downloads/work/data

4. Restart

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