Insufficient space in the root directory causes the state of the managed server to become FAILED_NOT_RESTARTABLE

The tester did a stress test on the SOA Suite system last night and came in this morning and found

The system cannot be accessed. The Console can also log in, but Managed Server cannot open. The state finally becomes FAILED_NOT_RESTARTABLE.

Just a few warnings and notifications, when you restart AdminServer, it turns out that AdminServer process is starting, but the console can’t log in, and the log screen doesn’t work

When it came time to check the OS system problem, dF-H checked the Linux system and found that/space utilization was 100%, suddenly realized that it should be its problem, went in and found that a directory/TMP space occupied 93%, du-sh/TMP was 21G, a total of only 26G. Resolutely deleted about 18G of TMP (specific TMP file or the following directory can’t understand what). Open AdminServer again, and the log on the screen goes smoothly, so it’s comfortable…

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