JVM start error: could not reserve enough space for object heap error

JVM startup error: Could not Reserve enough space for Object Heap error
First, understand what the parameters mean:



— Xms2G Xmx2G

represents the minimum and maximum JVM heap available memory

– XX: PermSize -xx :MaxPermSize represents the JVM’s metadata memory size

Solve problems:

    eclipse startup error is: Could not reserve enough space for object heap error
    current configuration is:
    -xms512m-xmx1024m-xx :PermSize 512M : many SO answers are recommended to use JAVA_OPTION variable, but one answer is that the 32-bit process of Windows 7 cannot get more than 1200M of memory. This answer is a little reliable, SO I tried it. Download and install the 64BIT JDK and boot it up without error.


    was converted to a 64-bit JDK, jrebel was found to fail. After a long search, one of the answers given on the official forums is to back up Jrebel32.dll, and then change the 64-bit Jrebel32.DLL to Jrebel32.dll. JVM out of memroy error report summary:
    Java heap space: Increases -XMXpermgen space: Increases -xx :PermSizeRequested Array size: Error means that the size of the array created exceeds the maximum heap size, so the apparent solution is to either increase the size of -XMX or reduce the size of the array to be created.

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