error:could not open…jvm.cfg solution

Error: could not open… Jvm.cfg solution

this situation is mostly because the JDK was installed on the computer before, after uninstalling and reinstalling, the Java command will appear error:could not open… Error with JVM.cfg.
open system environment variables, view the PATH that will see such configuration information:
The % SystemRoot % \ system32; %SystemRoot%; . %JAVA_HOME%\lib; %JAVA_HOME%\bin
reason: when running Java, the default will be according to the PATH set in the PATH to find Java. Exe file, according to the above PATH information will first go to find the file in %SystemRoot%\system32 directory, and the corresponding JDK installation directory of Java. Exe in this directory has been uninstalled, it will naturally appear the file can not open.
see here you may see, there are two simple solution:
1. Directly delete java.exe under system32 directory (or Windows directory, depending on the PATH Settings) (in fact, if you look at the file date, you will find that the file date is not the same as the file date under the Java bin directory currently installed);
The 2, directly to the % JAVA_HOME % \ bin; At the top of the PATH PATH (see why);
try again, is it OH ~~

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