Insufficient table space ORA-00604 unable to extend table SYS.AUD by 8192

To check the disk space is normal, refer to Oracle Trace cleanup
Root login
Docker exec -it oracle /bin/bash to enter docker
su – oracle
sqlplus /nolog
conn/as sysdba
Set SQLPlus mode to display total number of rows/width of rows (current connection in effect) :
show pagesize; View the current PageSize
show linesize; View the current linesize width
set pagesize 300;
set linesize 2000;
Modify the installation directory glogin. SQL file (permanent) :
set pagesize 300;
set linesize 1000;
SELECT * FROM dba_data_files;
SELECT * FROM dba_free_space;
View the tablespace
col Tablespace_Name format a20
col total format a15
col used format a15
col unUsed format a15
col rate format a15
col file_name format a100
The SELECT a.F ILE_ID, a.T ablespace_Name, a.T otal | | ‘M’ total, (a.T otal – b.u nUsed) | | ‘M’, informs, b.u nUsed | | ‘M’ unUsed, Round ((a.T otal – b.u nUsed)/a.T otal * 100, 2) | | ‘%’ rate, a.F ile_name
From (Select FILE_ID,Tablespace_Name,Round(bytes/1024/1024,2) total,file_name FROM dba_data_files) a
LEFT JOIN (SELECT FILE_ID ,Round(sum(blocks*8192/1020/1024),2) unUsed FROM dba_free_space GROUP BY FILE_ID) b ON a.FILE_ID=b.FILE_ID
ORDER BY (( desc;
Alter database datafile ‘/dbdata/bossdb/data/web_db001.dbf’ resize 15000m;
The alter database datafile ‘/ ora/oradata/radius/undo. DBF’ resize 1024 m;
ALTER DATABASE DATAFILE ‘C :\SmartDB01.ora’ AUTOEXTEND ON NEXT 200M; // Automatically increase 200M each time
ALTER DATABASE DATAFILE ‘c:\ smartdb01.ora ‘AUTOEXTEND ON NEXT 200M MAXSIZE 1024M; // The maximum value of the data table is not more than 1G
— Check single table occupancy
The select segment_name, Round (bytes/1024/1024, 2) | | ‘M’, informs the from dba_segments where the owner = USER order by bytes asc

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