Install Seaborn, plot, Jieba in Anaconda

Seaborn is a very useful visualization package from Stanford university.
the original anaconda installation does not contain seaborn, which needs to be installed.
specific installation method:
1. From the beginning of your computer, open the CMD command window and type conda install seaborn
or anaconda prompt, conda install seaborn or PIP install seaborn

During the installation, Conda finds the seaborn dependent package based on its dependency, enters Y manually, and when it hits enter, the system automatically downloads and updates them.

Then, in Anaconda’s spider editor, import Seaborn and run without error. Ok, perfect!!
Of course, install plotly in a similar way: open the CMD command window, then type conda install plotly,
install it, and use the conda list to see if it succeeded.
Similarly, to install jieba, you can use either
conda install jieba or PIP install jieba

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