python gensim AttributeError: ‘Doc2Vec‘ object has no attribute ‘dv‘


gensim 4.0.1

My code: doc2vec reported an error when loading the doc2vec model file

from gensim.models import Doc2Vec

doc2vec_model = Doc2Vec.load('data/doc2vec.model')

“AttributeError: ‘Doc2Vec’ object has no attribute ‘dv’”

Reason 1: there may be some problems with the latest version. Change the version!!!

Reason 2: another code   Change model.dv to = & gt;    model.docvecs  


I uninstalled gensim PIP uninstall gensim

Reinstall PIP install gensim = = 3.8.3

Solved!!! I hope it will be useful to you.

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