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When drawing the diagram, I learned a new library and encountered bugs, but fortunately, I found a solution


The specific problem is that the version is wrong, and 0.9 is OK. You can check the version through the command:
PIP freeze | grep Seaborn
PIP3 freeze | grep Seaborn
you can check the version through CONDA
CONDA install - C Anaconda Seaborn = 0.9.0
for details Some packages are not included in the default channels of CONDA, such as cudatoolkit-8.0, cudnn, and so on. At this time, you only need to add – C Anaconda after the CONDA install command
or pip:
PIP3 install Seaborn = = 0.9.0
to install the corresponding version
it is recommended to use pip, and the matching image is very fast. There seems to be no network error on the image of CONDA Tsinghua.
Then, there may be version errors in Python 3.6. The following lists the libraries with version problems that I encountered, and gives the possible version
numpy = = 1.15.0
SciPy = = 1.0.0
panda = = 1.0.0

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