Anaconda builds a new environment and installs sklearn, numpy and other modules

Under Anaconda we already have gluon’s environment
Now I want to build an environment for TensorFlow,

2. Install Tensorflow
TensorFlow currently only supports Python 3.5 on Windows.
(1) open Anaconda Prompt and input tsinghua warehouse image, so that the update will be faster:

conda config --add channels
conda config --set show_channel_urls yes

(2) Also use Anaconda Prompt to create a Python3.5 environment with the name of TensorFlow. Type the following command:

conda create -n tensorflow python=3.5

Run start menu -> Anaconda3 - & gt; Anaconda Navigator, click the left Environments, you can see that the environment of tensorflow has been created.

(3) TensorFlow environment is started in Anaconda Prompt:

activate tensorflow


Note: when not using tensorflow, close the tensorflow environment with the command: deactivate

After installing the environment, we go to the folder we want to run, such as CD TensorFlow
Then activate tensorFlow

The TensorFlow environment is fine, but tensorFlow is not installed,
conda insatll tensorflow
And in the environment to install jupyter Notebook, NUMpy and other modules
conda install jupyter notebook
conda install scikit-learn


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