How to use higher version of OpenGL SDK in windows?

Now OpenGL has version 3.2, Visual C ++ 2005 comes with OpenGL SDK is version 1.1, want to use the advanced version of OpenGL, go to the OpenGL official website, but that only defines the API standard, there is no implementation, I searched the Internet OpenGL2.0 SDK OpenGL3.0 SDK, but did not find the download address, finally found that is to use the extension library way.
Download glew (The OpenGL Extension Wrangler Library),
What’s inside:

├ ─ bin
│ glew32. DLL
│ glewinfo. Exe opengl support is used to view the current system of the graphics card
│ glewinfo. TXT
│ VisualInfo.exe is also used to view some graphics card situation
│ visualinfo. TXT

├ ─ the include
│ └ ─ GL
│ glew. H
│ glxew. H
│ wglew. H

└ ─ lib
Glew32. Lib
Glew32s. Lib
1. First refer to the header file
#include < gl/glew.h> // must be put first
#include < gl/glut.h>
2. The initialization
// Glew is initialized after glutCreateWindow
GLenum err = glewInit ();
If (GLEW_OK! = err)
/* Problem: glewInit failed, something is seriously wrong. */
Fprintf (stderr, “Error: % s/n,” glewGetErrorString (err));
Fprintf (stdout, “Status: Using GLEW %s/n”, glewGetString(GLEW_VERSION));
Note: If you use a graphics card that does not support the advanced version of OpenGL functions, the operation will crash

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