Failure [DELETE_ FAILED_ INTERNAL_ Error] and RM APK is unloaded

uninstall a software

today with adb uninstall com.xx. Xx

result error: Failure [DELETE_FAILED_INTERNAL_ERROR]
finally, there is no way, installed a kingroot, through kingroot uninstall…

now we know:
first: adb shell PM list list packages -s find the package name to delete
get the package name address: adb shell PM path com.xx. Xx
mount system read/write access: adb remount
delete the package: The adb shell rm/system/app/OldDriver/OldDriver apk
the last reboot to restart adb is OK

delete all package-related data, clear data and cache: adb shell PM clear < PACKAGE>

output APK path of installation package: adb shell PM path < PACKAGE>

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