Installation failed with message Failed to finalize session : INSTALL_FAILED_INVALID_APK


modified some things yesterday, debugging show this error, before is to uninstall before installation, and then re-run it, but this time, run several times, the phone has also restarted several times, or error, a little bit close to crash.


is not clear


method 1:

this morning I found the memory space of the phone was a little full, then I cleaned it up, and the debugging was successful again.

method 2:

there are other ways online, the above can not solve this you can try this:

click Build, click Clean Project, then click Rebuild Project, then run.

method 3:

File -> Settings… -> Build -> Debuger -> Instant Run-> Uncheck the first TAB to Enable Instant Run… .



another problem:

AndroidStudio 安装Gradle问题gradle project sync failed.Basic functionality(e.g.editing,debugging) will n

is a problem that I don’t understand very well, so I basically use the most direct solution every time:

create a new project. Gradle,. Idea, gradle. Build a copy of the new project folder to the current project folder. It is a good idea to make a backup copy before using, as repostories may differ in

if not you can refer to the other:

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