. adbcommandrejectedexception: device offline error while installing APK solution .AdbCommandRejected Exception:device offline

Error while Installing APK


The problem is that the ADB has been killed. Just restart it

There are three ways:

1、 You can find Plattform tools in the SDK file, and you can find ADB, in this folder

double click the ADB to restart


2. You can also perform two-step command operations in CMD: 2

1、adb kill-server

2、adb start-server


3、 Restart the computer

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Personal supplement: I tried the first method, which is effective, and the result is effective and invalid when it runs again. Finally, it was found that the interface of the mobile phone was in poor contact, resulting in a sudden drop of the line during operation.

Episode: when searching for this question, the comments asked the original blogger if he could reprint it. Because he didn’t receive a reply immediately, he temporarily sent an original article. Today, some people like it. I just saw that the original blogger replied that it could be reproduced soon. Let’s make it up today.

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