Error Ubuntu file permission not enough (RM)

cd CRAFT_keras

error detected :

rm: cannot remove ‘CRAFT_keras’: permissions are not sufficient

single file adds user access to the file read and write permission :

sudo chmod a+x CRAFT_keras
sudo chmod a+r CRAFT_keras

Add user access to all files under the

folder :

sudo chmod -R a+r CRAFT_keras/ 
sudo chmod -R a+x CRAFT_keras/ 

added after the discovery of the file on the cross disappeared, the file can be accessed.


if you find that you cannot create a new folder under the folder, it means that the permission of the folder does not belong to the current user, check the file property :

sudo su
gedit /etc/sudoers

at the end of the file :

# User privilege specification
# 添加之处 

modify this file for the current user permissions :

sudo chown yuxiu:yuxiu CRAFT_keras/ -R

and then the file permissions :

has been modified!

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