AVD FFmpeg avcodec_ A solution of open2 returning – 1 (operation not permitted)

I’m working on Android hard decoding recently. Various attempts have been made on the compatible implementation of soft decoding and hard decoding. Later, I suddenly found that it was unable to decode normally, and even failed to open codec appeared.

Use RET = avcodec_ Open2 (CTX, codec, nullptr) the return value is – 1, and the error message is “operation not permitted”. It’s a headache for me. For Android development, permissions, alas AVStream* st = pFormatCtx->streams[streamIdx]; codec_context_ = avcodec_alloc_context3(pCodec); if (!codec_context_) { AVLOGE("Failed to allocate the codec context."); return -1; } if (avcodec_parameters_to_context(codec_context_, st->codecpar) < 0) { AVLOGE("Failed to copy codec parameters to decoder context."); return -1; } if (enable_hw_decode_) { if (codec_context_->codec_id == AV_CODEC_ID_H264) { pCodec = avcodec_find_decoder_by_name("h264_mediacodec"); if (pCodec) { avcodec_free_context(&codec_context_); codec_context_ = avcodec_alloc_context3(pCodec); using_hw_decode_ = true; } } } int ret = 0; if ((ret = avcodec_open2(codec_context_, pCodec, nullptr)) < 0) { AVLOGE("Failed to open codec. ret = %d, %s", ret, PAVUtils::get_error_string(ret)); return -1; }

Because it was copied once at first, but later, if hard decoding was used, the coder was selected again. As a result, the newly applied avcodec context failed to copy the operation parameters from stream to context. When I was using_ hw_ decode_ = Add avcodec before true _ parameters_ to_ context(codec_ context_, st-> codecpar); and it will work normally
it's strange why the relevant parameters are not copied, instead of returning invalid_ Par returns no instead_ What about permit?

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