Docker starts the image and reports an error. Iptables failed: iptables — wait – t NAT – a docker – P TCP

Iptables failed: iptables –wait -t nat-a docker-p TCP –wait -t nat-a docker-p TCP
Yesterday afternoon Docker started RabbitMQ and reported an error. I checked a lot of information and could not get it right. Finally, Docker was restarted and solved.
in addition to pull the rabbitmq is take the web management interface with management, command to write

docker pull rabbitmq:management

At the beginning of the pull is wrong for a long time

[[email protected] etc]# docker images
REPOSITORY                                                TAG                 IMAGE ID            CREATED             SIZE                                        management          4af5c5534d00        6 days ago          180 MB                                        latest              86a895bb41d6        6 days ago          150 MB                                           latest              01a52b3b5cd1        13 days ago         98.2 MB

Only the first one is
with a Web administration interface

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