Error reported when Windows builds docker image: failed to create LLB definition: 403 Forbidden


Use the docker build command to build a mirror: “failed to solve with frontend dockerfile. V0: failed to create LLB definition: unexpected status code [manifests 18.04]: 403 Forbidden”. The specific screenshot of the error is as follows:


It happens during the build process. It is an error in the buildkit, considering that the buildkit is still unstable. If you use the docker desktop on MAC/windows, you may also have to disable it in the “docker engine” JSON configuration
docker desktop – & gt; Settings – & gt; Docker engine – & gt; “Features”: {buildkit: true} will “features”: {buildkit: false}

Note that this is not a fix, it is a solution until someone in the docker team implements the correct fix. Please try again when the buildkit is more stable

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