Error in compiling pcl1.9.1: “class vtkdatasetmapper” has no member named “immediatemode rendering off”

PCL1.9.1 + VTK8.2.0 + CUDA10.0 source code compilation:

pcl_1.9.1/apps/modeler/src/surface_actor_item.cpp:87:11: error: ‘class vtkDataSetMapper’ has no member named ‘ImmediateModeRenderingOff’
   mapper->ImmediateModeRenderingOff ();


pcl_1.9.1/apps/modeler/src/points_actor_item.cpp:90:11: error: ‘class vtkDataSetMapper’ has no member named ‘ImmediateModeRenderingOff’

After a search, found after vtk8.10 version of vtkMapper ImmediateModeRenderingOff () method is removed, so in order to let pcl1.9.1 code compiled through, just need to errors in the corresponding to one line of code commented out of the can, or change to a lower version of VTK. I am two lines of code by commenting out the error, because ImmediateModeRenderingOff () method isn’t necessary operation, finally passed the compilation.

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