Centos 7.2 failed to load SELinux policy freezing

Adjust the SELINUX = permissive; A very serious problem is that the server cannot boot. The main error was to modify SELinuxType =disabled. Instead of changing SELinuxType =disabled, you should have changed SELinux because you were in a hurry and you changed it incorrectly. Cause unnecessary trouble.

The error is shown in the figure


1. When rebooting the system, select the kernel you want to enter from the following page, and press E, grub to edit the page.
2. Find linux16 that line in LANG = zh_CN. Utf-8 Spaces with selinux = 0 or enforcing = 0 (I was the first to solve the problem)
3. After that, Ctrl+ X will launch, and you will see the familiar page in a moment. On the other hand, you might be stuck on the page below for a while, but you’ll be fine later
4. After entering the system, remember to modify the configuration correctly.
5. Modify the “SELinux” parameter in /etc/selinux/config file
# SELINUX = enforcing the original configuration
SELINUX = disabled correctly
But I was looking at the wrong modification; Modified the selinuxType parameter by treating “selinuxType =target” as “SELINUX”

# selinuxType =targeted The original configuration is unchanged
SELINUXTYPE = disabled errors

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