Anaconda upgrade sklearn version

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When you call model_selection for Sklearn, you find a module with no Model_selection in Sklearn. Upon inspection, the SkLearn version in Anaconda was found to be too low, at version 0.17. So sklearn started to upgrade.
1. View the original version
First use the conda list command to check the existing version:

Sure enough, version 0.17.1 was too low, so it was time to upgrade.
2. Upgrade to the latest version
Use the conda update scikit-learn command to update the version of sklearn. Before you update, you will be prompted for what version to update to.

As you can see, the latest version is 0.19.0
Then confirm and start updating.

Due to the large number of packages that need to be updated this time, it will take quite a long time…
Once the update is complete, then use the Model_Selection package, and it’s OK to use 1

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