Configuration (9) to solve the problem of “setup tools PIP wheel failed with error code 1”, create virtual environments with Python of anaconda

for the python that comes with the system, vanilla python. We tend to select virtualenv for installation, but if the system’s default python environment is shipped with anaconda, the following error

pops out when executing the command

setuptools pip wheel failed with error code 1

for python on Anaconda, how do we set up a virtual environment?There are two ways.

1. Using conda to install virtualenv, execute the following command

PIP uninstall virtualenv
conda install virtualenv
virtualenv YourVirtualEnvName
this method is available for pro test.

bis. Conda comes with the function of creating virtual environment

  • check whether conda has


    conda -V

  • check if conda has been updated to the latest version

    conda update conda


  • create virtual environment

    conda cret-n YourVirtualEnvName python= X.X.X anaconda
    this X.X.X is a version of python that can be used by using the command conda search "^python$".

  • activate virtual environment

    source activate YourVirtualEnvName

  • install third-party package

    conda install -n YourVirtualEnvName [Package]
    if -n YourVirtualEnvName is not added, the installation will execute

    under system python

  • inactivated virtual environment

    source deactivate


  • delete virtual environment

    conda remove -n YourVirtualEnvName -all

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