Ms- settings:personalization-background terms of settlement

In today’s computer and uninstall the useless software when an error occurred, lead to the computer can not run normally, keyboard and mouse doesn’t work, all the ICONS on the desktop are gone, but the keyboard raised the task manager to transfer out, look up a number of ways that the best way is to reinstall the system, but wanted to think reshipment system is too trouble, and some data backup didn’t afraid of losing, so check a variety of methods, finally to solve, now share with you.
I. Cause of the problem:
At the beginning, I didn’t know what the problem was. By looking up English words, it was “setting personalized background”. After thinking about it, I should turn off the personalized background setting service and just turn it on.
Second, solutions
1. Press “Ctrl+Alt+Del” and click “Start Task Manager” — open service
2. Select any option in Services — click Open Services.

3. Find User Manager in Services (Local) — Change the startup type of the service to Auto, and close the window.

4. Click the “Ctrl+Alt+Del” key combination and choose to log out. The problem will be solved when the computer restarts.
In the process of finding problems and solving problems, I have a deeper understanding of what I don’t know about computers. Don’t be afraid to encounter problems. I will gain a lot when Solving problems and stand on the shoulders of giants.

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