Vue: How to Solve Error uncaught (in promise) cancel

Delete a piece of data
pop up delete prompt box
click Cancel
browser console error

error reason:

This.$confirm method has a built-in promise method.
So you can't remove the .catch() (because when the operation is cancelled, it can't be caught))

Add catch after delete method, and add method body () = & gt; {} in catch

/** Delete button operation */
handleDelete(row) {
  const eCodes = row.eCode || this.ids;
  this.$confirm('Do you want to confirm the deletion of this data?' , "warning", {
    confirmButtonText: "OK",
    cancelButtonText: "Cancel",
    type: "warning"
  }).then(function() {
    return deleteEquipment(eCodes);
  }).then(() => {
    this.msgSuccess("Deleted successfully");
  }).catch(()=>{}) //---here's the kicker---

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