Some errors in VTK compilation

1, error MSB6006: “cmd.exe” exited with code 1
The error description is shown below:

Reasons for error reported in VS2013 Output:
28> CMake Error at F:/vtk7.0/VTKsrc/CMake/ExternalData CMake: 1005 (the message) :
28 & gt; Object MD5=b7d4fa1943ca47ef537e6847886e3935 not found at:
28> checksum=b7d4fa1943ca47ef537e6847886e3935& Algorithm =MD5 (” Timeout was reached “)
; (” Failure when identifiers data from the peer “)
28 & gt; Call Stack (most recent call first):
28> F:/vtk7.0/VTKsrc/CMake/ExternalData CMake: 1027 (_ExternalData_download_object)
28 & gt; C: \ Program Files \ MSBuild \ Microsoft (x86) Cpp \ v4.0 \ V120 \ Microsoft CppCommon. The targets (170, 5) : error MSB6006: “CMD. Exe” exited with code 1.
Error reason:
This error is caused by the incorrect setting of VTK_DATA_ROOT in CMAKE, which is the BUILD_TESTING option, and the need to download the VTKDATA data at compile time. The time to download the data exceeds the maximum waiting time set due to the network speed or lack of scientific Internet surfing.
Download the data and overwrite the MD5 file in the unzipper file \ExternalData\Objects\MD5 file in the binary directory.

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