VMware uninstall installation problem (The MSI Failed)

VMware uninstall installation problem (The MSI Failed)
Reference: https://coderwall.com/p/zbbtga/fixed-vmware-installation-problem-the-msi-failed
The problem
VMware is not clean when uninstalling. The MSI Failed and The new VMware cannot be installed.
To solve
Step 1
Disable vmware-related processes. Then go to %TEMP% directory (” win+R “enter %TEMP%, usually C:\Users\(username)\AppData\Local\ TEMP ) and delete all VMware files.
Restart the computer.
Step 2
Go to CMD, type runas /user: username CMD go to the administrator, and then CD to the directory of the old VMware installation file.
Run vmware-workstation -***. Exe /x /v EULAS_AGREED=1 to reinstall/uninstall the old version. /v EULAS_AGREED=1 enabled license)
All right.

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