Visual Studio 2005 — Error code 1603 for this component means “Fatal error during installation.


Visual Studio 2005 — Error code 1603 for this component means “Fatal error during installation.
These days, because a project needs and want to install VS2005, Do not know how to return a responsibility, install to Microsoft Document Explorer 2005 prompt installation failure, how also continue not to go down, looked up a lot of data on the Internet, tried a lot of methods did not solve, on the difference reinstall the system, ha ha. In the last ready to give up suddenly because of a Qihoo 360 accidental system vulnerability repair installation failed to think of the reason, and then try, always successfully installed!
Now on the Internet on the installation of VS2005 Microsoft Document Explorer 2005 installation failure reasons and their own experience experience summary, previous lessons, hope to help others:
Before you start, please make sure that you have carefully reviewed the installation instructions of MS and tried the method. The official documentation is still very important.
The first recruit:
1. Empty all previous installations (including components from all previous versions), including the contents of the Windows /temp folder. 2. Open a vs cd-rom, have a file of Windows granted entry into the vs/wcu/msi31 folder, and install it. 3. Restart the computer and close the anti-virus software and firewall. 4. Modify the programe file and temp folders so that the programe program has sufficient permissions — in fact, you can login in and install 2005 with administrator.

5, now you can directly install.
(If this doesn’t work, see below)
The second recruit:
1. Open the VS2005 installation disk and enter the directory VS/WCU /DExplore
2. Manually run DExplorer. Exe
3. Run the VS2005 installation program again.
Three recruit:
1. Fix the.NET Framework 2.0
2. Remove a file named rgstrtn. LCK, which may be in
“%APPDATA%/Microsoft Help” or %temp% or directory under %temp% or
“/Documents and Settings/All Users{.windows}/Application Data/Microsoft Help”.
3, Then, see if ANY directories exist under “APPDATA%/Microsoft Help” or
“/Documents and Settings/All Users{Windows}/Application Data/Microsoft Help”, they need to be moved to another directory for this error to go away, a rename to another name will not work, The code is checking the Existance of ANY Directory of Name and the directories “APPDATA%/Microsoft Help” or “/Documents and Settings/All Users/Application Data/Microsoft Help” having ANY directory under it will not resolve this error.
All folders under Microsoft Help will be removed or renamed, pay attention to the path is good.
4. Ensure that you log in as Administrator and have sufficient permissions to operate the installation.
5. Install VS2005 again
(The above three tips are basically enough to solve most of these problems, if you are not good, you may be in the same situation as me, then try the following tips, hehe)
The fourth recruit:
1. Open your installer’s temp directory. Mine is /Documents and Settings/ Luocl (the username you logged in to) /Local Settings/ temp.
2. Remove the Temp folder’s encryption attribute: Click the Temp file’s attribute — & GT; Conventional – & gt; Advanced, uncheck the “encrypt Content to Protect Data” TAB, and click OK.
3. Reinstall VS2005.

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