The vscode installation plug-in liveserver specified browser reported an error and could not be found

Problem Description:

After installing vscode, you do not want to use the default IE browser. You want to specify chrome or Firefox, but install the plug-in lever server or other browser plug-ins. When specifying the default browser, windows reports an error and cannot find chrome or Firefox
after reading many posted on the Internet, they are configured in settings.json. After personal practice, they have no effect. Later, after their own exploration, they found that the plug-in can’t find your chrome or Firefox. It’s not that you haven’t installed it on your computer, let alone on disk C; But because when a plug-in such as lever server specifies a browser, the windows system will find the installation directory of the software according to the system variables.

terms of settlement:

1. Open the control panel of the computer – & gt; System and security —– & gt; System
2. Open advanced system settings, click environment variables, system variables, and add a new variable named path: D: \ Kiki \ Mozilla Firefox
this directory is the directory where your Google or Firefox exe files are located
3. After configuring environment variables and saving, restart vscode

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